Why Choose a one-piece pool from LPW

With over 60 years of experience in building one-piece pools you get assured quality and peace of mind to make your dream a reality.

Why choose a one-piece pool from LPW?

  1. 1. Belgian quality

    Designed and assembled in a Belgian factory, with more than 60 employees, each with their own specialty contributing to the quality of a true Belgian promise

  2. 2. Quality inspection

    Each pool is produced according to specific specifications, with our unique honeycomb structure and vinylester epoxy. Each product undergoes extensive inspection

  3. 3. Long life-span

    Lifetime warranty on the pool shell and against blistering 

  4. 4. Energy savings

    The honeycomb structure provides good insulation and prevents heat loss along the pool walls. The structure provides the required resistance and makes it self-supporting

  5. 5. Safety

    The use of covers ensures protection for both the pool and people or pets. The covers comply with the strict, French safety standard NF P90-308

  6. 6. Easy maintenance

    The rounded corners make the pool easier to keep clean and the smooth walls don't retain any dirt

  7. 7. Quick installation

    These prefab pools are installed in only 5 days!

  8. 8. Aesthetics and finishing

    The overflow skimmer gives your pool a very high water level, to just below the coping stones

  9. 9. Customer recommendations

    The latest satisfaction survey shows that more then 90% of owners highly recommend LPW Pools to their friends and family
  10. 10. Service near you

    Through our network of trained pool builders you will find a specialist in you region. We guarantee good technical assistance and after-sales service