Why Choose a one-piece pool from LPW

With over 55 years of experience building monoblock pools you get assured quality and peace of mind to make your dream a reality.

Why choose a one-piece pool from LPW?

  1. 1. Speedy Installation

    Your pool will take less than a week to install and get you swimming

  2. 2. Built in the factory, not in your garden

    LPW Pools are subject to the strictest quality controls systems at the factory and are externaly audited by an accredited organisation

  3. 3. Cost effective

    With less time spent on site labour costs are minimised

  4. 4. Less disruption

    Less time on site means less disruption in the garden

  5. 5. Long Term maintenance free shell

    There are no tiles or grouting to keep clean - The shell is strong and durable

  6. 6. Less day-to-day maintenance

    The rounded corners make the pool easier to keep clean and are automatically cleaner friendly

  7. 7. Longer life-span

    LPW Pools is so confident in the longevity of their pools that they offer warranties for life!

  8. 8. Less Expensive to heat

    With honeycomb insulation to reduce heat loss