Advantage of Covrex® automatic pool covers

At the press of a button on your remote control the cover will automatically glide off the pool. The Covrex® Classic cover together with the honeycomb insulation matrix built into the pool shell, help to keep the heating cost to a minimum. The durable Covrex® safety cover is a welcome addition to any pool.

The double integrated skimmer

All covers for LPW Pools are fitted with a 316L stainless steel mechanical drive system and a double high water level skimmer.

The overflow principle cleverly combines the practical and aesthetic functions that the pool requires. Due to the overflow, the surface water is more efficiently skimmed, thus removing any floating matter.


It enables the water level to be fixed just below the coping stones, which gives a magnificent appearance  to the swimming pool.





Covrex® Pool Protection

Covrex® Classic :
The safe pool cover

Lames Standard vs. Covrex Classic

Made from hardwearing solid slats with a soft polyrethane hinge, this is an all season cover that is both hail and frost resistant.
The separating hinges between the blades are designed to avoid the build-up of dirt and algae.
The foam filled slats are easy to shape to different pools and cannot fill with water like the more conventional slats. 

  • Economy: The Covrex® cover has the best heat retention qualities available. They offer an insulation coefficient of 4.85W/(m2.K)
  • Support: The Covrex® classic cover supports the weight of a child and complies to the french standard NF 90-308
  • Environment: Reduced consumption of chemicals when compared to an uncovered pool.
  • Durable: The strength of the slat profile ensures prolonged product lifetime

One of the main objectives of Covrex® is to offer you the maximum safety for your pool. This is why we develop our products based on the strictest norms relative to pool covers. We go even further, our Covrex® Classic is up to 7x stronger than what is asked, to offer you maximum security.