Why choose LPW and Fairlocks?

Fairlocks pool products and LPW have been working together for over ten years. Fairlocks is also the UK distributor for the amazing Covrex® safety cover system. Not only is the Covrex® system integrated into the LPW Pool system, they are also installed on other types of pool construction. LPW has over 50 years experience in monoblock pools and has developed a manufacturing system that provides a quality pool to give you peace of mind and make your dream a reality

Reasons to choose an LPW Pool

  1. 1. Established history

    LPW has been manufacturing one-piece pools for over 55 years

  2. 2. High customer satisfaction

    A customer satisfaction rating of over 94%

  3. 3. Company warranties

    Lifetime warranty on pool shell against water loss and blistering to give you piece of mind

  4. 4. Built-in insulation

    Built into the pool shell is a honeycomb insulation matrix (H.I.M).
    Every pool should have one. 

  5. 5. Safety

    All pools are available with the Covrex® safety cover system that also helps minimise heating cost

  6. 6. Aesthetics

    A wide choice of pool shapes, sizes and colours

  7. 7. No welding joints

    A genuine one piece pool

  8. 8. Easy to maintain

    With a rounded floor to wall transition it is easy to clean

  9. 9. Production

    An externally audited quality system using automated robotic technology

  10. 10. Wide range

    LPW offers a complete range of twelve pool shells, of all sizes, to fit any garden. All the pools have smooth walls, making it impossible for dirt to accumulate