The LPW Pools warranty

We are able to offer unique warranties due to our manufacturing quality enriched for over 55 years. Our production systen is regularly inspected by an independent authority that carries out quality inspections. LPW Pools only chooses accessories produced by experienced suppliers with impeccable service. 

  • Lifetime warranty on the pool shell sealing and against blistering
  • 5-year warranty on the Covrex® Classic slats, including against damage caused by hail
  • 3-year warranty on Covrex® Solar and Covrex® Pearl slats
  • 3-year warranty on Covrex® cover motors
  • 2-year warranty on electrical installations and accessories

Not only is the Covrex® system integrated into the LPW Pool system, they are also installed on other types of pool construction.

LPW Pools has over 50 years experience in monoblock pools and has developed a manufacturing system that provides a quality pool to give you peace of mind and make your dream a reality.


Reasons to choose an LPW Pool

  1. 1. Established history

    LPW has been manufacturing one-piece pools for over 55 years

  2. 2. High customer satisfaction

    A customer satisfaction rating of over 94%

  3. 3. Company warranties

    Lifetime warranty on pool shell against water loss and blistering to give you piece of mind

  4. 4. Built-in insulation

    Built into the pool shell is a honeycomb insulation matrix (H.I.M).
    Every pool should have one. 

  5. 5. Safety

    All pools are available with the Covrex® safety cover system that also helps minimise heating cost

  6. 6. Aesthetics

    A wide choice of pool shapes, sizes and colours

  7. 7. No welding joints

    A genuine one piece pool

  8. 8. Easy to maintain

    With a rounded floor to wall transition it is easy to clean

  9. 9. Production

    An externally audited quality system using automated robotic technology

  10. 10. Wide range

    LPW offers a complete range of twelve pool shells, of all sizes, to fit any garden. All the pools have smooth walls, making it impossible for dirt to accumulate