The world of LPW Pools supplied in the UK by Fairlocks Pool Products Ltd

1962  foundation of the family company Limburgse Polyster Werkhuizen,
         located in the east of Belgium

1972  First production of a one-piece swimming pool with integrated cover pit

1984  Amaury de Troostembergh enters the business and introduces the 25-year warranty
         on pool shell finish

1992  Creation of the Fiorano: the largest one-piece swimming pool on the European market

1993  The introduction of the integrated oveflow skimmer enables the water level to sit just under
          the coping stones

2003  Creation of the Covrex® cover, the first swimming pool cover with foam-filled slats and
         flexible joints, patented at world level

2010  With the arrival of Baudouin and Guillaume de Troostembergh, a second generation
         takes over the management of the company

2014  Development of the model La Plage with its integrated underwater bench

2016  With La Plage 9 and La Plage 11 LPW offers different options in its most popular model

2017  Experience the LPW pools in virtual reality

2017 A new strategic approach was implemented, the company started developing new models in full vinyl ester material combined with the unique honeycomb structure. All these new LPW Pools have a lifetime warranty on the sealing of the pool and against blistering