The world of LPW Pools

Foundation of the family company Limburgse Polyster Werkhuizen, located in the east of Belgium
First production of a one-piece swimming pool with integrated cover pit
Creation of the Covrex® cover, the first swimming pool cover with foam-filled slats and flexible joints, patented at world level
A network of certified partners come into force to improve quality and business growth
A new strategic approach was implemented, the company started developing new models in full vinyl ester material combined with the unique honeycomb structure. All these new LPW Pools model have a lifetime warranty on the sealing of the pool and against blistering
LPW Pools has placed over 1.000 swimming pools through their network of Certified Partners in Belgium and is rapidly growing in exportation. A new European industrial group was created, TSPH (The Swimming Pool Hub), following a collaboration of several major players including LPW Pools.
Celebration of 60 years! A new innovative pool model enters the range: The Stark! Covrex® and Walter left the group TSPH to join pool cover manufacturer T&A. This sets the stage for a fruitful collaboration between the T&A group and LPW Pools.

The values of LPW Pools

  • Respect: we embrace each individual's unique talents and honor diverse life and work styles
  • Excellence: striving for distinction and continuous innovation
  • Partnership: LPW Pools aims to create long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers by creating win-win situations